Sam’s World ~ Making Himself At Home

We’ve finished up the first month of school. Five weeks to be exact and it has gone better than we ever thought possible.

He loves it.

And he’s doing well. Keeping up with his class and understanding the school work itself. We do have to define some things. Like when I suggested we use the answers in the back of his book to check his math work. He was quick to inform that was Mrs. Stout’s job, we didn’t need to do it.

The school uses a house system similar to what you find in boarding schools (just like in the Harry Potter books, too). There are four houses, all named after various martyrs of our faith, and apparently Sam made his excitement known when he was inducted into House Polycarp.

Alas, when House Augustine beat out the other three houses for being the loudest at last week’s pep rally he was quite devastated. There were tears and everything. These are the kinds of lessons he couldn’t learn at home. Doing the “We’ve got spirit” challenge just lacks a little something something when it’s just you and your mom.

He made a poster for the pep rally and won third place. I thought it was pretty nifty. Someone drew the bubble letters and then he turned them into the characters. Rather cool isn’t it? (Please excuse the poor picture quality.)

Every knight must have a trusty steed and I think Thunder seems to be up for the task of trotting Sir Sports-A-Lot around to his various sporting events. And those menacing knights certainly look ready to take on any and all challengers.

As for Sam? He seems ready to take on the challenge of mainstreaming and that makes this mamma’s heart happy.

God has indeed been gracious to us.

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