Sam’s World ~ This Is So Weird

So, we now have our first week of school under our belt.

It was…weird.

For me.

Sam is doing fine. Great. Loves it and is settling into the rhythm of the new dance without missing a beat so far.

Me? I’m a little weirded out dropping everyone off at the school each morning. Coming home to an empty house. A quiet house. Yeah, that’s the really weird part ~ it’s so quiet.

And time. I have time. To do stuff. Lots of stuff. And guess what? Laundry is easy to keep up when you have this kind of alone quiet time in an empty house. Who knew?

Mind you the kids realize this is a strange new world for me. They leave little piles of stuff around the house – socks, magazines, blankets, crafting supplies, etc. – all to make sure I have something to do to keep me busy and not missing them during the day when I am home alone in the quiet empty house.

They’re sweet and helpful like that.

Like I said though, Sam is doing really great. Although apparently on orientation day last week he leaned over to Ms Noland and said, “We need to talk about why my desk is glued to my chair.”

And on Tuesday he had a small moment of panic when Mrs. Stout erased his knowledge the answer to his math problem to help him learn the format she wants him to use in their classwork.

He is also having to learn that his teachers can’t give him a high five every.single.time. they walk past his desk. Or that he really doesn’t need to hug everyone in the school.

He’s really enjoying his literature class (they’re reading The Jungle Book by Kipling which is awesome because it has very little to do with the Disney version) but if you ask him what his favorite part of the day is he’ll tell you it’s grammar.

The boy does love words.

His latest joke:
What do you call a fake macaroni noodle?


10 thoughts on “Sam’s World ~ This Is So Weird

  1. I feel your \”pain!\” Sixteen years of having at least one kid, if not more, at home and now they are all (5) in school. I have at least 6 hours of time! I am a little lost myself and have not found a routine yet. Must admit . . . it's kind of nice!


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