What It Means to Be Woman


Want to hear a confession?

I am a mother to four girls and I hate all things princessy. (Except Princess Kate.)

I mean the saccharine, Disney-esque, fluff kind of princess – the one defined by her shoes and color of her nail polish.

Here is confession number two. I hate the Christianized version even more. You know the cute little pink T-shirts with sparkly tiaras that say something like, “I know I’m a princess because my Father is the King of Kings.” Not because I don’t believe I Peter 2:9, but because I do.

The first issue is that I hate anything that reduces our faith to a cutesy slogan. Second, I think the emphasis is on the wrong thing. The whole I’m a princess mentality makes much about us, and if you continue to read the verse you’ll see that we are called into that royal priesthood so that we may proclaim His excellencies. In other words it’s not what a special little girl we are, but about declaring His greatness.

Now, I am not lurking about, waiting for an opportunity to throw a can of brown paint on anyone wearing cutesy little overpriced pink T-shirts with a sparkly tiara. It just raises my hackles.

I mention it only because I think it points to a larger problem within the Church as a whole. We are not raising up strong, godly women who are sure of themselves and their role as a woman. Confusion abounds over being able to do it all, have it all, and wear heels while you go about it. The assault on womanhood and femininity has raged for decades. Consequently we are free to question our sexual orientation as young as possible, experiment sexually as early as we can, murder our babies that the exploration creates, abandon the ones we do keep to the care of  someone else while we find our identity in the workforce, resent our husbands because they don’t lead, and clamor for “me” time just so we can take a break from all the things we now have a right to.

We’ve reduced it down to a list of good girls don’t do this or that and bad girls do. Unfortunately that means we’ve created a void of nothingness and the modern christian franchise rushes in to fill it with pithy, cotton-candy slogans and sparkly Ts, leaving our daughters to flounder about not knowing so much what they should be as what they shouldn’t.

They need to grow up. We need to push them out of the “Shut. Up!” Princess Diaries phase of being told they’re a princess, and back them up to the beginning of that second chapter in I Peter and teach them that they are being made into a spiritual house so they can offer up spiritual sacrifice…and then take them to Romans 12:1 and show them that they are the spiritual sacrifice.  And while we’re there we can learn who He wants them (us) to be.

Somehow I think His idea of what it means to be His daughter, His princess, is going to look a little different than what we’ve imagine.

7 thoughts on “What It Means to Be Woman

  1. OHMYGOSH…we are SO in agreement! I despise cutsey and think we're doing a huge disservice to girls and women for preparing them to fail. And while I'm venting, please don't call me a girl; I've *earned* the title woman and am comfortable with it.


  2. Silly girls make for silly women. I'm all for children having a childhood but we must remember that we are raising women who must boldly serve God and sometimes that is hard self sacrificing work.


  3. Oh, Marty! I LOVE this! Just this past weekend a little thought came to me that simply said, \”Life is about giving, not about living (for ourselves).\” I want my life to be about heart rather than show! Now with DD in the house, I'm even more bothered by the current attitude…


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