20 thoughts on “My peace I Give To You

  1. We live close to the beach and a beautiful bayou and take many pictures of sunrises and sunsets. They all seem to have their own unique beauty. Reminders that God is in control and that by doing the same every morning and night still has it all in His hands. I'm in the Florida panhandle. Where is your beach?


  2. His sunsets bring such peace. Maybe it's because we pause to rest as we soak in the beauty. In that, too, lies His gift of peace. We have to carry that peace He gives with us all the time. Beautiful, photo. I miss the beach more than I knew I would. From the coast to the desert. What a switch.Blessings,Janis


  3. The beach is my happy place…there's just something about it that causes every stress to just ease away…it's so big and changing yest God is even bigger and unchanging. I love it!


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