Pinterest Test Kitchen #35 ~ The Not a Fan Edition (Red Velvet Brownies)

You may remember a few weeks back I posted a recipe for brownies the color of sunshine that some people did not like. And by some people I mean a couple of friends that gave me a hard time both here on the blog in the comments and also on facebook. Because I love them dearly and because they were coming over that same day I also decided to try out the red velvet brownie recipe I had pinned a while back. You know. Just to be funny. Turned out the joke was on me because frankly, in my opinion, red velvet and brownies should not get together and try for a love child because it just isn’t happening.

If you click through on the above link you’ll notice that the recipe under the picture is not the same as the one that the actual pin will lead you too. I will confess that I didn’t follow through to the real recipe, I used the quickie under the picture one and I don’t have any idea if that makes a difference or not but as for the one I did follow…bleh, not so much. It just tasted…weird. There was something odd about the texture. Or the flavor. Or maybe both.

I’m still sharing the recipe because frankly my children liked them Plus, to be fair my little sister made them and her family really enjoyed them. The brownie snobs from my previous post were no more impressed than they were with the lemon brownies but their brownieometer is clearly off anyway sooooo…you should bake them and be the judge.

What you’ll need:
Red velvet cake mix
1/2 cup butter, melted
1/4 brown sugar
2 eggs

What you’ll do:
Combine all ingredients together until well mixed.
Pour into a 9×13 pan and bake at 375 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes.

I’m not normally a frosted brownie kind of gal but I did decide to pair these with a delicious cream cheese frosting. (Which all agreed was very tasty.) I make it from scratch and don’t have a real recipe I follow. I start by combining 8oz of softened cream cheese and a stick of softened butter until smooth, and then I add confectioner’s sugar until I get the desired taste and consistency that I want.

I’d love to know if you have already made these before and if you liked them, or if you decide to make them, come back and let me know how they turned out. Right now I’m not in a hurry to repeat them but I also don’t know if I should follow through and use the actual full from scratch recipe the original pin links to and see how they turn out. She seems pretty happy with them and from the comments on her post, others do too.


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I’d like your opinion on something. I really enjoy linking parties. I’ve gotten some great ideas, recipes and wonderful information from being a part of them. However, I do get pretty discouraged when I go to link up a post and there are literally hundreds of other links already there. I know I’ll never be able to visit them all and I also am aware that more than likely mine will probably get lost in the shuffle. I realize we all want traffic to our blog but I hope that it’s because we feel like we have something worth sharing and not just for the sake of numbers.
So here’s my question. Would anyone be interested in participating in a link party that had a limited number of links? Like maybe only fifteen or twenty so that it’s a manageable number. I’m just thinking out load…the sheer number of links being shared in some of these parties is just so overwhelming and I think some good stuff is probably getting missed out on because of it.

7 thoughts on “Pinterest Test Kitchen #35 ~ The Not a Fan Edition (Red Velvet Brownies)

  1. Your photo's for these are lovely and the red velvet brownies looks fantastic. I came across your blog on Melt In Your Mouth Monday's.


  2. Hi Marty!I'm stopping by from the I Gotta Try that Link Party. Your red velvet brownies look incredible – I adore all things red velvet an brownie related! :)I know what you mean about link parties – it's kind of overwhelming sometimes!Hope you're having a great day! –


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