What a Night!

One of the greatest things about photography is being allowed to be a part of the special moments in peoples’ lives. It’s extra awesome when those people are also friends. It’s bombdiggity awesome when you get to photograph lots of special moments for the same friends.

Three years ago I took Jeff and Alicia’s engagement pictures
A few months after that I had the honor of photographing their wedding
Last night I was able to take some pictures as they found out the gender of their first baby. It was quite the event! Alicia’s family and longtime friends don’t live here but with the help of google chat they were able to be part of the celebration.

 How adorable was this idea that Jeff’s Mother came up with? Using some old wives tales for predicting the sex of the baby she made this cute board to tally up which ones applied to Alicia.

Questions about morning sickness, whether she’s clumsy more now that she’s pregnant…even to how she held her hands up when asked to show them or picked up a key can apparently all reveal whether she’s having a girl or boy.

After that everyone was logged in and ready for the big moment. The lady who did their ultrasound had written the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope. Jeff and Alicia took it to the bakery and ordered cupcakes with instructions for the cupcakes to have strawberry filling for a girl and blueberry for a boy.

How exciting is that?! I’m stilling smiling 🙂
So you want to know what the old wives tales predicted?

 Maybe there is something to all that stuff?

6 thoughts on “What a Night!

  1. What special moments to capture!!! Love this! There sure are a lot of wive's tales out there and it's very interesting to see how accurate they are/aren't! Looks like the ones you were using didn't do too badly! 🙂 I wonder if the Chinese gender chart was used??


  2. I don't think so, Melissa. We actually have several pregnant ladies in our church that know the sex of their baby but I'd still like to ask the questions just to see how accurate they are.


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