24 thoughts on “Secret Things

  1. Marty, that photo is exquisite! And the promise of the Lord fills my heart. His revelations belong not only to us but to our children as well. As the parent of adult children, that encourages me immensely!Blessings,Janis


  2. This is so beautiful!! I am so thankful for all that He has revealed to us…and it makes me wonder of the beauty and majesty of the secret things… 🙂 ~ Have a wonderful day and a blessed week!!


  3. Yes, He truly has secret things. When I read Rev. 10:4, and the thunders roar and John starts to write the words down and he is told, basically, \”NO! Don't write those.\” Makes me wonder what, out of all those details in Revelation, is something done of us will never know until our whole world has changed. Hmm!Thank you for the Word and the photo. Very beautiful, touching.


  4. Me too, Jennifer! I was raised in a godly home but we weren't covenantal…only in the last ten years with my own husband and family have we come to see Scripture through that lens and it has changed my whole world!


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