Sam’s World ~ Not What You’d Expect

When you hear of someone with autism you generally probably think of someone who doesn’t speak. And in the beginning Sam was non-verbal. But now?

He talks a lot. I mean a lot. Like sometimes I am telling this kid that is supposed to have communication issues to be be quiet.

Life with autism just isn’t what I expected it to be.

I didn’t expect his fascination with words. Hours can be spent on mad libs and, honestly, they just aren’t that funny – at least not to us so called normal people…to Sam the hilarity just keeps on a coming.

Or the elaborate stories he would develop for all the characters his imagination gives birth too.

I didn’t expect how much he enjoys the swimming pool or that his body would be affected by the chlorine. Every time he swims he has to take at least a 30 minute Epsom Salt detox bath. (Very grateful that there was something we could do other than not swim though!)

I never expect what will come out of his mouth because apparently there is no filter in his brain that slows down what he is going to say. Which means that even if you’re sitting at the dinner table with guest and he has a sudden pain in a private area he will grab said private area and he will moan loudly about his groin.

It also means that if three hours after you’re home from the grocery store you realize that a bag of frozen food stuff was somehow left in the car and you say “Crap!” within earshot of Sam that he will, for the next ten minutes, label you a “curser”.

I didn’t expect his sense of humor or his willingness to mimic various accents. He does this Brooklyn kind of one that makes me laugh every.single.time.

Because his brain doesn’t process fear the same way ours does he lives so buoyantly. He’s not slowed down by thoughts of failure or weighted down by what if’s. He gives no thought to what someone may think of him.

I didn’t expect that his love of music would also spawn a love of dancing. The boy feels the beat down in his bones. But he still dances like a white boy.

And who knew how enthralled he’d be with pregnancy and how life begins in a mamma’s tummy? It amazes him and his fascination has no bounds…or boundaries sometimes, for that matter. And he’s always concerned for the pain the mothers will face so he prays very specifically for all our pregnant friends, of which there are plenty at the moment. To Sam this is a good thing because he just loves babies.

And that is something else I didn’t expect: his capacity to love. His heart is huge and open – even if it is unfiltered and awkward at times. It’s genuine and clean…free from bitterness and is never fettered with past offenses or grudges.

I expect that our lives would be a little happier and we could love a little better if we all lived a little more autistically.

7 thoughts on “Sam’s World ~ Not What You’d Expect

  1. You wrote my story! Did you know that Electric Company has an app–that has a mad lib kind of thing–it is hilarious! On the same app they have a \”feelings\” game or something . . . then the kids help each other identify their feelings . . . We are blessed to be able to see a entire different world through the eyes of our kids.Renee


  2. Love all your stories about your awesome son !!! He reminds me alot of my son who also has PDD NOS among other diagnoses 🙂 . I was trying to find an email to write to you privately but couldn't find one. SO, I will just say it here. Have you ever had him genetically tested? My son looks alot like your son and when he was 14 we had a karyotype genetic test done and found out he has 48XXYY syndrome. He has two extra sex chromosomes. The reason that was very helpful to know was that then we were able to treat some physical issues that we didn't even know he had. He feels better too. Anyway, hope you don't think I am rude, but I think your son is adorable and I LOVE your stories. Sincerely, Janeen Daftary


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