It’s Official

I didn’t think it would be this hard to write this post. It’s a birthday…a celebration of our second born…but I just can’t find the right words to express what it’s like having her leave girlhood behind as she becomes a teenager. By His design something magical is beginning to happen to Emily Grace. It hasn’t happened over night…it isn’t as if she went to bed a twelve year old and woke up suddenly as a thirteen year old who no longer wants to play  pretend with baby dolls. Thankfully, He has considered our hearts in this matter and it has been a gradual change…a gentle letting go of one thing while reaching forward to something else. How precious is this time in her life…I loved every moment of her childhood and I am filled with joyous expectation as she begins this new chapter of the story He has written for her.
She’s my farm girl. This child who has always loved sleeping, once spent a summer getting up at 5:30 in the morning so she could go work on a goat farm. She likes goats better than cows, since apparently cows stink. She loves horses too.

Our regular birthday shoot tradition kicks it up a notch when the girls turn thirteen. We want to mark the occasion in a special way so we do some sort of formal session. Emily’s day was helped by the generosity of friends, first in the loaning of the gown she wore and second, the sweet friends that let us include their beautiful horse in her pictures. It made her day and the images are extra special to her.

She loves to cook and is always flipping through cookbooks and recipe magazines. She’ll cook as often as we’ll let her and has already been put in charge of dinner on several occasions.

Of all the children she is the quietest and also the most like Rob in temperament. She even has his sense of humor. Which means she can be super funny at the most unexpected times. She’s also sneaky. Once, over the span of several weeks, she was hiding her sister’s underwear a pair at a time until finally Sarah was complaining because she could hardly find any. Emily thought this was uproariously funny.

A friend nicknamed her the baby whisperer. She has a knack for getting even the shyest little one off their mother’s hip and onto her own. She loves babies. Her mothering streak is strong and so is her cuddle gene.

She’s smart. And a wee bit lazy with a strong tendency toward messy. It adds to her charm.
She’s not a girly girl but she is feminine and good gracious does she enjoy playing with hair! She always wants to look on pinterest for different ways to braid or curl hair and even enjoys messing with her brother’s hair. And let’s just say that Sam is not a fan of spiking his hair but that doesn’t deter Em from trying to convince him he should.

She’s crafty too. She gets that from my mother in law…this ability to try new things and do them well . Sewing, knitting, cooking, etc. She’s willing to try it all.
This past year she played on the school volleyball team and really enjoyed it. She likes to ride her bike and wants to start running. She swims like a fish and during the summer we call her our brown girl because she tans so well.
Most importantly, she has a tender heart. She accepts correction and is quick to seek forgiveness. Family and friends are important to her. I am sure that as she continues to mature and grow up that she is going to be an amazing woman whose worth is far above rubies. She is certainly a treasure to us already. 
Happy 13th birthday, sweeter Weeters!

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22 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. What a beautiful daughter you have, and these pictures are gorgeous! I've already raised one daughter, well past 13, but my youngest will turn 13 in June. Oh they grow too fast, don't they?


  2. wow, all of these pictures are lovely! i know your heart pain my youngest entered the teen years this year too, how does that happen so fast? it just amazes me to see how quickly he is emerging as a man. your sweet girl is just beautiful!


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