Because I forgot to Post Day 2

DPP is doing something a little different this year. We can post our daily images on facebook, which I did, but then forgot to post day 2 here. So now you get a double header 🙂

Day 2 ~ First day of advent…
And day 3 ~ dew drops on spider webs and reverse lens macro

Happy to be sharing with Macro Monday for the first time!

6 thoughts on “Because I forgot to Post Day 2

  1. Dew drops on a spder's web – always a fave! PS -You may want to add comment moderation instead of word verification …it is VERY hard to enter those numbers and letters.


  2. You know Kerri, I have had the same frustration visiting other blogs and still never connected it to my own blog :-/ I will do something about that pronto…thanks for the nudge!


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