Mini Sessions

Portrait sessions can usually take anywhere from ninety minutes to two hours or more depending on how many locations I’m using. (And how much fun we’re having.) But sometimes I have time constraints that must be worked around and while this seriously cuts down on the amount of time I get to enjoy spending with my clients it doesn’t limit the wonderful pictures that can be captured.
Recently I volunteered my time to do 30 minute mini sessions as a fundraiser for my daughter’s Jr/Sr trip to New York in the spring. It was so much fun and hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to do it again.

There is something so fun about brothers and sisters.

Every session I find myself drawn to a particular image. Sometimes it’s series of images that clearly shows the bond between the subjects. With this family there were several images that I really liked but we did a few minutes with the father and son and every time I look at them I smile. It’s obvious that they have a wonderful relationship.

I love pictures like that, that just show people having a good time. The whole weekend was full of moments like that. It’s the reason behind why I love doing what I do.

2 thoughts on “Mini Sessions

  1. What a beautiful family! You captured some GREAT moments!!! 🙂 Love these!p.s. Caramel corn is indeed popcorn, infiltrated with lots of sugary goodness! 🙂 My sis-in-love makes it and it is so addicting! Aargh!


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