Best Shot Friday

Sometimes when I’ve had a heavy shooting schedule and lots of editing I have to walk away from the camera for a few days. This usually happens after a wedding or other large event. Other times I’m shooting a lot but it’s different people or locations so it’s not as much of an issue…I just need to look at something else…shoot something else to feel refreshed. This may explain random pictures on my flickr stream of eggs and other such stuff.

And it’s also how I ended up in my daughters’ room shooting a picture of her basket of yarn and knitting supplies for this weeks’ best shot Friday. I love it.
I volunteered my time to do a mini session fundraiser at my children’s school to raise money for the Jr/Sr trip to New York in the spring. It was a success and I got some really great images (it amazes me at how many good pictures can be captured in 30 minutes!) I think all told there were six or seven families that participated and if there is enough interest I would certainly do it again. I had a great time doing it. 
Here are a couple of pictures from the first family that signed up. I love this first shot…so sweet to see the fun between the brothers and their sister.

It was a great start to a weekend of picture taking don’t you think?
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6 thoughts on “Best Shot Friday

  1. There is something particularly precious about the sibling bond I think. The rest of the weekend I did some others that were just as precious. Can't wait to share those!


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