Six Things to Know About Claire

1.)  She’s big. Not size wise although she is on the tall side. But her personality is B-I-G. She came into this world with an added hmpf of personality and it hasn’t diminished at all in six years. She has charmed us all from the minute she was born.

2.) I’m pretty sure she thinks everyone was born first to prepare for her arrival. I’m also pretty sure that nothing could prepare us for the arrival of Claire. We had four children already, three of which were born in ’00, ’01, ’02, and we thought we were done. Turns out we weren’t and she is like a great big old exclamation point to the end of our family.

3.)  All that personality? Girl, can work it like no body’s business. But she also has one of the sweetest hearts you’ll ever meet. She doesn’t meet strangers and gives the greatest hugs. And, man can she turn on the water works and cry! We’ve gotten pretty good at not being fooled but often get asked how in the world do we do it. I think it’s a defense mechanism that God gives parents.

4.)  She is smart and determined…which can be a dangerous combination. She just doesn’t realize that she isn’t one of the big kids. If they do back flips off the diving board then she can do back flips off the diving board. She is the biggest fan…and terror…to her siblings.

5.)  She sings. And I don’t mean some sweet little girl soft voice either. Whether it’s a Psalm or an Adele song she belts it out and sings from the bottom of her feet up. She loves music and drawing and wants to maybe one day be an artist. You’ll find little scraps of paper all over our house with drawings of people and houses and hearts.

6.)  Today is her birthday! I can’t believe it’s been six years since I held that sweet nine and a half pound squished up bundle. She has made my heart bigger, my patience stronger, my funny bone funnier, and my thankfulness for His gift of life deeper.

Sweet Claire, I pray that you will continue to grow strong and sure in your faith and that you will be a virtuous woman whose worth is far above rubies. May the law of kindness be always on your tongue.

Sharing her birthday sweetness with This or That.

16 thoughts on “Six Things to Know About Claire

  1. Oh, how I love this! Claire is a precious angel! Her smile lights up my day! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!Love,Mr. Woods, Mrs. Woods, Kiera, Garrett, and Leigha!


  2. It was quite fun…mini cupcakes to share with her classmates, Grandma came to school with a special lunch, and a special dinner and presents at home.


  3. Love this: \”she is like a great big old exclamation point to the end of our family.\” That also perfectly describes my youngest sister, Jessie (youngest of five girls).


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