Yakety Yack

Sarah (17) who is sharing her new Mumford and Sons CD with her Dad. She very quickly reached over to adjust the volume and then startled him by saying, “Dad! This song is a remake of an old song by…’somebody and Garfunkle.’ 
My beloved came to the conclusion at that point that he may have failed as a father.

Abby: Mom can I ask you two things?
Me: Yes

Abby: First, are we having anyone over tonight?
Me: No
Abby: Okay. Second thing. Can I tell you something?

Emily’s class is currently making their way through The Lliad. As they near the end of the bloody saga they are working on making their own shields. I noticed Emily’s  had the outline of a tree which was bare of leaves. Don’t you want to add some leaves? With the look that only comes from an almost thirteen year old girl, “Mom, war is ugly. It is not a happy time.”  Fair point.

Claire, watching as Wesley and Buttercup walk through the fire swamp: “She should have stopped, dropped and rolled!”

Something that amused my son quite a lot:

2 thoughts on “Yakety Yack

  1. This is so great!! I love the random comments and conversations around our house. I sometimes wish I could just carry around a recorder 😉 Thanks so much for your kind comments at Chaos & Coffee!! Hope you're having a beautiful week 🙂


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