My Best Shot Friday

Pumpkins…gourds…big ones…small ones…I love using them to decorate this time of year. I used white pumpkins in a photograph backdrop for an event at my children’s school this week and people were so surprised by them. Do you know there are even blue pumpkins? How beautiful is that? And, unlike the white ones that are carving pumpkins, you can actually make pie with the blue moon.

I haven’t seen any blue pumpkins around here but I have enjoy my white ones as well as my bumpy miniature gourds. I may not have all the crisp cool air I liked to have at this time but I can at least make my home look more autumn-ish.

I had so much fun last week with My Best Shot Friday that I’m linking up with them again. You really should click through…she shares the sweetest story today about celebrating her grandparents 70th wedding anniversary and simple kindness. It’s a beautiful post.

And because I love looking at pretty pictures I’m also linking up with Fabulous Friday.

Happy weekend!

20 thoughts on “My Best Shot Friday

  1. I'm so grateful to have discovered your blog, Marty. You have so many wonderful images and your thoughtful posts are always enjoyable to read.I haven't been seriously interested in photography for nearly as long as you, but I'm trying. I remember as a teenager, with my 110 film camera, using my youngest brother as a model to take pictures and having SO much fun trying to capture a mood or story! 🙂 I didn't really dig deeper into photography until we had our first child 8 years ago! Since then, I think my family thinks I'm a photo nut! LOL!For me, children are my favorite subjects, but I will take a photo of anything that catches my eye! :)I look forward to learning from you and I will definitely go check out your other blog and the challenge one!Thanks for the heads up!


  2. I so hear you on this! For me it's that moment when I am looking through the viewfinder- my mind is on nothing else. I'm looking at the composition, settings, focus, light- I am completely honed in on my subject. It's these little breaks, momentary breaks from everything else that are so wonderful.


  3. very beautiful… evokes emotion. and i'm getting ready to upgrade my camera for the first time in 6 years… thank you for sharing your photo at 1440- hope you'll be back this week!


  4. A blue pumpkin?! I'd LOVE that! (My favorite color is blue.) Now I'm going to have to go and google it! 🙂 We have three good-sized pumpkins for decor this fall. Soon to be carved!


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