Pinterest Test Kitchen #1 ~ Blueberry Cream Pie

Have you ever come across a new recipe and you have everything on hand to make it? Gotta love it when that happens. Yesterday morning as I was enjoying a quiet cup of coffee and browsing pinterest (part of my daily routine) I came across this recipe.
And it looked so good.
And we were having fellowship meal at our house after church.
And I had everything on hand to make it.
Except for time to make a homemade pie crust but thankfully there was a crust in my freezer.
Life was sweet.
So was the pie.
Almost a little too sweet so I think if I make it again, (Who am I kidding? I will make it again.)I’ll decrease the sugar a bit.

There were two things about this pie that really make me want to make it again. No, wait there are three things that sold me on this pie.
1.) Super easy
2.) The sour cream mixed with the blueberries. Oh. My. Goodness. It was so good.
3.) The crumb topping is a dessert in and of itself. Seriously, I could make a batch of it and enjoy it with a spoon.

I don’t have an artsy after baking picture of a yummy slice waiting to be gobbled up because for some reason  it didn’t exactly slice. It wasn’t runny as much as it just wasn’t solid. Does that make any sense? I’m going to assume that it is something I did that caused it to not firm up but I know I cooked it long enough so I can’t really pinpoint what it would be. So, if you give it a try and yours does set and slice well please snap a picture and let me know what it should look like.

I think it’s possible to just do it in a 9×13 pan cobbler style and eat with some vanilla ice cream. And an addition of oats to the crumb mixture could be nice as well. But then again why mess with perfection?

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